Kazakhstan: Adopted occupational health requirements for laboratories where potentially hazardous chemicals are used

As of 1 January 2018, organisations operating laboratories where potentially hazardous chemical or biological substances are used are required to comply with the adopted health and safety requirements.

The adopted rules impose requirements for the construction, water supply, conditioning, ventilation as well as storage and transportation of materials and substances used in laboratories.

Laboratories must be equipped with washbasins for hand washing of personnel and washbasins or baths for cleaning utensils and equipment with cold and hot water supply.

Work with toxic substances must be carried out in separate rooms (rooms) or in a separate hood.

Windows and doors of boxes and rooms must be closed tightly. The windows must be protected by an insect net. The doors to the box and the pre-box must have windows.

Laboratories must be equipped with forced ventilation and separate (autonomous) ventilation devices for extracting air from the hoods. Premises of the infectious zone of the laboratory are  to be equipped with forced ventilation and forced ventilation and fine filters at the outlet. District-level laboratories can be equipped with ventilation with mechanical extraction.

The adopted rules replace the previous version of the rules on the same subject.

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