EEU: “Aggressive” or “immoral” toys may be banned from the market

Draft amendment to Technical Regulation of the Customs Union «On Safety of Toys» (CU TR 008/2011) aims to prohibit placing on the EEU market of toys which have a possible negative impact on the development and health of children causing aggression, fear and anxiety or which provoke children to be intolerant to racial differences or to physical impairments of other people or those which develop their interest in gambling. 

EAEU: Cosmetic Technical Regulation Amended

As of 25 January 2017 manufacturers and importers of cosmetic products in the EAEU (the former Customs Union) will have to issue a conformity declaration pursuant to one of the prescribed schemes: 3d, 4d or 6d. 

Kazakhstan Introduces Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

Product manufacturers and importers will have to organize collection, treatment, transportation, use and utilization of wastes generated from the use of these products. This requirement was initially introduced by the Environmental Code of Kazakhstan.  At the first stage, the requirement only applies to the automotive industry producers and manufacturers, such as those importing vehicles, tyres, accumulators, motor oils, etc.

Kazakhstan, Issue 15 January 2016

Adopted checklist for state inspections

Starting from 25 January 2016 state inspectors checking compliance by certain organisations with the licensing conditions are to use the prescribed checklist containing requirements for each type of activity performed by these organisations. 

Kazakhstan, Issue 11 January 2016

Determined the relevant authorities for the issue of export licenses

From 21 January 2016 organisations exporting certain products, such as ionizing radiation sources, chemical radioactive isotopes, x-ray equipment, explosives, etc. have to obtain an export licence from the authorities specified in Annex 1 to the adopted procedure. For example, in order to export a particle accelerator, the exporter will have to obtain a licence from the Atomic and Energy Supervision and Control Committee of the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan, Issue No. 28-12, 2015

Adopted Rules for the Performance of Technical Inspection of the Safety and Sustainability of Buildings and Structures