Russia: Adopted set of fire safety rules on evacuation routes and exits

As of 19 September 2020, organisations constructing or renovating industrial or public premises or those developing technical documentation for buildings or structures are required to comply with the adopted Set of Rules SP 1.13130 “Fire protection systems. Evacuation routes and exits”.

RUSSIA: Permits for drivers transporting dangerous goods remain valid until November 2020

The Ministry of Transport of Russia, the competent authority for the implementation in the Russian Federation of the provisions of the European Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) has decided to extend the validity of certificates related to dangerous goods transportation. This decision was made in connection with the emerging epidemiological situation, as well as taking into account the provisions of multilateral agreement M324 to ADR.

RUSSIA: Face masks not declared as PPE are not subject to certification

The Russian standardisation authority Rosstandart has clarified that if a manufacturer or importer places on the Russian market any face masks they do not claim to be personal protective equipment or masks declared as a part of clothes or apparel – these types of face masks do not have to undergo mandatory conformity assessment procedure.