Ukraine: Implementation of EU product safety legislation

As of 3 July 2019 Ukrainian, legislation in the area of product safety has been further aligned with the EU product compliance regulations. Law No. 2740-VIII of 6 June 2019 makes substantial amendments to the Ukrainian technical regulation and market surveillance requirements.

Ukraine: Ecodesign regulations for office equipment and electronic products

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved technical regulations on eco-design requirements for various energy consuming products.

As of 21 February 2020, manufacturers and importers of office and household electrical equipment in Ukraine have to comply with the adopted ecodesign requirements. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved technical regulations on ecodesign requirements for the following products:

Ukraine: Adopted Safety Requirements for Milk and Dairy Products

Order No. 118 dated 03/12/2019 approved the Requirements for the safety and quality of milk and dairy products, which introduce the principles of good manufacturing practice for the production, processing and placing on the market of milk and dairy products. The rules also set criteria for raw milk that determine its suitability for being placed on the market.

Ukraine: Adopted Energy Efficiency Labelling Requirements for water heaters and water storage tanks

This Technical Regulation sets out the basic requirements for energy labelling of water heaters, storage tanks and sets of water heaters and solar equipment, as well as providing consumers with additional information regarding these energy-saving products.

The technical regulations apply to:

  • water heaters with a nominal thermal power of 70 kW;
  • storage tanks with a volume of 500 litres;
  • sets of water heaters with a capacity of 70 kW and solar equipment.


The technical regulation does not apply to water heaters:

Ukraine: Revised noise limits for residential areas and premises

As of 16 April 2019, facilities emitting ambient noise must ensure that they do not cause the noise levels in any adjoining residential area to exceed the revised limits.

The adopted norms do not apply to special purpose premises (radio and television studios, etc.).

Ukraine: Adopted Technical Regulation on Labelling of Footwear Materials

The Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine has adopted Technical Regulation on Labelling of Footwear Materials. As at 14 July 2019, the adopted TR has not entered into force. The TR will enter into force at the same time the existing TR on footwear labelling (adopted by Decree No. 632 of 9 June 2011) is repealed.

Ukraine: Revised procedure for occupational incident and illness investigation

As of 1 July 2019, employers are required to follow a revised procedure for the investigation of occupational accidents and illnesses (including acute poisonings).

The procedure sets out responsibilities and duties of the employer, head of department (foreman) and employees in case of an occupational incident or an illness.  It also prescribes which forms must be completed (e.g. the N-1 form).