Ukraine: Adopted plan of measures aimed at improving chemical safety in Ukraine

The Parliament of Ukraine adopted Decision that sets out a plan of measures that would aim to improve chemical safety situation in Ukraine.

The plan includes creation of a clinical toxicological centre in Ukraine and a registry of available accredited chemical laboratories that would monitor, discover and identify hazardous chemical substances.

The plan also includes adoption of a number of chemical safety regulations. In particular, the following draft laws are to be tabled in the Parliament of Ukraine (the Supreme Rada) before August 2021:

  • Draft law on chemical safety;
  • Law implementing the EU Regulation on Biocides (528/2012) of 22 May 2012;
  • Amendments to the Law on Sanitary and Epidemiological Welfare of the Population, with the aim to improve hygienic regulations and the procedure of state registration of dangerous factors;
  • Amending Ukrainian laws on pesticides, taking into consideration the EU Regulation No. 1107/2009;
  • Amending and improving Ukrainian regulations on dangerous goods and hazardous waste transportation; etc. 

The plan also includes ratification of the ILO Chemicals Convention No. 170.

Law: Decision of 19 March 2021, entering into force pursuant to the Presidential Decree No. 104/2021 of 19 March 2021 on the Measures on Increasing the Level of Chemical Safety in Ukraine