Ukraine: Stricter aluminium and formaldehyde migration limits in toys

As of 3 October 2021, the migration limits for aluminium and formaldehyde in toys have been strengthened in order to align them with limits set by the revised EU Toy Safety Directive.

The amendments have been made to the Ukrainian Technical Regulation on the Safety of Toys approved by Decree No. 151 of 28 February 2018.

The revised migration limits for aluminium are set as follows (in line with the EU Toy Safety Directive):

  • dry, brittle, powder-like or pliable toy material (mg/kg) – 2250;
  • liquid or sticky toy material (mg/kg) - 560; and
  • scraped-off toy material (mg/kg)  - 28130. 

The amendments also add the following limits for formaldehyde:

1.5 mg/l – the migration limit for polymer materials used in toys;

0.1 ml/m3 – (emission limit) for wooden materials with the addition of resin for toys;

30 mg/kg – (content limit) in leather-based toy materials;

30 mg/kg – (content limit) in paper based toy materials;

10 mg/kg – (content limit) in water based toy materials. 

Law: Decree No. 282 of 31 March 2021 on Amending Ukrainian Technical Regulation on the Safety of Toys