Uzbekistan: Amended Regulation on Mobile Device Registration

The Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan adopted Resolution No. 828 of 31.12.2020 "On Amendments and Additions to the Regulation on the Procedure for Registration of Mobile Devices Used, Imported and Manufactured for Sale or Personal Use in the Republic of Uzbekistan".

Uzbekistan: Adopted Technical Regulation on Oils and Fats

As of 18 November 2020, organisations importing, or manufacturing oil and fat products in Uzbekistan are required to comply with revised requirements on the safety of oils and fats imposed by Uzbekistan Technical Regulation on the Safety of Oils and Fats.

Uzbekistan: Adopted lists of pharmaceuticals and medical devices subject to simplified importation procedure

Uzbekistan adopted a list of medical devices that are used for treating COVID-19 patient and that can be imported into Uzbekistan without state registration and without compulsory certification until 1 October 2020.

This list includes  antimicrobial lamps, intubation tubes, disposable respirators N95, bioboxes, cardio monitors, medical masks, nebulisers, blood samples and containers for storing blood and its components, etc.

Uzbekistan: Vehicle disposal fee is introduced

As of 1 August 2020, vehicle manufacturers and importers are obliged to pay a utilisation charge for all vehicles they import into Uzbekistan or place on the market in Uzbekistan.

The utilisation fee has been introduced by way of amending the two laws of Uzbekistan: on Nature Protection and on Wastes.

Utilization charge (or “utilisation fee”) is a fee that is payable for: wheeled vehicles, self-propelled vehicles and vehicle trailers.

Uzbekistan: Adopted Technical Regulation on Non-Alcoholic Drinks

As of 2 December 2021, manufacturers and importers of non-alcoholic drinks and raw materials used for non-alcoholic drinks are required to comply with the adopted Technical Regulation (TR). 

Until the adopted TR enters into force, all existing standards and regulatory instruments applicable to non-alcoholic drinks are to be applied voluntary and are not binding.

Uzbekistan: Law on infant milk and baby food enters into force

As of 24 April 2020, manufacturers and importers of baby food and infant milk have to comply with the provisions set out by Law on Supporting Breastfeeding and Requirements for Baby and Infant Food. Some provisions of this law also apply to baby and infant food advertisers. 

The document introduces a number of requirements and restrictions applicable to baby food and its producers.