Belarus: Approved fire safety rules for storing substances and materials

As of 18 May 2018, organisations that operate warehouses or storage areas for materials and substances are required to comply with the rules adopted by Instruction on Storing Substances and Materials. The Instruction imposes storage requirements aimed at ensuring fire safety at industrial and other facilities and warehouses.

Belarus: Adopted maximum allowable concentrations for three additional substances in the air of residential and recreational areas

Facilities that emit warfarin sodium, biocide manufactured by Nalco Chemicals and / or corrosion or scale inhibitor manufactured by Nalco Chemicals into the ambient air are required to ensure that their emissions of these substances do not result in the exceedance of the set concentration thresholds set for such substances for the air of residential and recreational areas.

Belarus: Adopted consolidated environment protection rules

As of 1 October 2017, all organisations performing activities that have an impact on the environment are required to comply with the adopted environmental protection rules (the Rules).

The Rules contain environment protection requirements regulating:

Belarus: Introduced product energy efficiency requirements

As of 1 September 2017, manufacturers and importers of external power supply sources (EPS) are required to perform compulsory energy efficiency certification for these products. As of the same date, manufacturers and importers of as well as single-speed asynchronous (induction) three-phase electric motors are required to issue a declaration of conformity with energy efficiency requirements.

Belarus: Adopted Regulation on setting wastewater discharge limits

As of 20 September 2017, organisations discharging wastewater into surface water bodies (whether directly or indirectly) will be assigned wastewater discharge limits (including the maximum concentrations of polluting substances) in accordance with the adopted Regulation.

Belarus: Description and Application of the National Conformity Mark

As of 30 July 2017, the national Belarusian conformity mark is to be applied in accordance with the revised procedure.

The manufacturer, its authorised representative or the seller is required to affix the national mark of conformity. The dimensions of the mark are to be determined by the manufacturer, its authorised representative or the seller (i.e. the entity authorised to affix the mark).