Belarus: Adopted 14 standards for cosmetic products

As of 1 August  2020, Belarus has adopted 14 interstate standards (GOST) for perfumery and cosmetic products. The standards regulate safety indicators, methods of their control and measurement, as well as some terms and definitions. The documents were developed by the Belarusian State Institute of Metrology (BelGIM).

Belarus: Adopted standard on medical face masks

Decree of the State Standardisation Authority (Gosstandart) of April 10, 2020 No. 20 of the Republic of Belarus, adopted GOST R 58396-2019 “Medical masks. Requirements and test methods. " as the national Belorussian standard. 

Belarus: Clarification on certification requirements for face masks

Currently the mass production and sale of face masks in the Republic of Belarus is increasing constantly. The masks include those to be used as hygienic (sanitary-hygienic) products in order to prevent (the spread of infectious diseases that pose a danger to public health, including coronavirus COVID-19.

EAEU: Technical Regulation on the Safety of Personal Protective Equipment

As of 1 June 2012, manufacturers and importers of personal protective equipment into the EAEU (Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan) are required to comply with the requirements set out in the Technical Regulation on the Safety of Personal Protective Equipment (TR TS 019/2011) – the EAEU TR on PPE. 

Belarus: Approved fire safety rules for storing substances and materials

As of 18 May 2018, organisations that operate warehouses or storage areas for materials and substances are required to comply with the rules adopted by Instruction on Storing Substances and Materials. The Instruction imposes storage requirements aimed at ensuring fire safety at industrial and other facilities and warehouses.