Other consumer goods

Russia: Tobacco products to be marked with the means of identification

From 15 January until 31 December 2018 manufacturers and importers of tobacco products have an opportunity to participate (on a voluntary basis) in the pilot project involving marking of tobacco products with identification marks.

The purpose of such an identification is to:

Ensure authenticity of tobacco products;

Russia: EPR. Proposal to submit environmental charge calculation electronically

Manufacturers and importers of products subject to recycling after the loss of their consumer properties (e.g. electronic equipment, cardboard and paper packaging and textile products) within the extended producer responsibility framework, might soon be able to submit the environmental charge calculation reports in electronic form online.

Uzbekistan: Adopted Technical Regulation on Oil and Fat Food Products

As of 25 January 2019, importers and manufacturers of oil and fat products, including animal and plant fats, are required to comply with the requirements imposed by Technical Regulation (TR) on the Safety of Oil and Fat Products.

The requirements imposed by the adopted TR apply to all food and non-food fat and oil products, such as plant and animal oils and fats, mayonnaise, distilled glycerin, plant oil spreads, household soap, etc.

Russia: Further temporary sale prohibition for certain alcohol-containing non-foods

Starting from 12 July 2017, organisations and sole traders are required to suspend, for 90 days, all retail sales of ethanol-containing nonfoods as well as alcohol-containing food additives and flavourings (except glass rinsing liquids, non-liquid alcohol-containing products as well as products packaged in a way that excludes the possibility of their oral consumption) with the content of ethanol exceeding 28% of the total product volume.

Ukraine: Dangerous imitations are to be withdrawn from the market

The Government has adopted Decree prohibiting sale of goods imitating foodstuffs (i.e. possessing a form, smell, colour, appearance, design, labelling, volume or size of foodstuffs) and posing a threat to the safety or health of consumers, including children, who may confuse these products with foodstuffs.