Health and Safety management

Ukraine: Revised procedure for occupational incident and illness investigation

As of 1 July 2019, employers are required to follow a revised procedure for the investigation of occupational accidents and illnesses (including acute poisonings).

The procedure sets out responsibilities and duties of the employer, head of department (foreman) and employees in case of an occupational incident or an illness.  It also prescribes which forms must be completed (e.g. the N-1 form).

Ukraine: Employers reminded on requirements to establish an OHS service

The Ministry of Social Policy has issued a clarification letter reminding that any enterprise with 50 or more employees must establish an internal labor protection service (OHS service) in accordance with the Model Regulation on the labor protection service adopted by Order No. 255 of 15 November 2004. 

Russia: Is the employer allowed to impose financial penalties on employees?

The existing labour law clearly defines what kind of penalties employers are allowed to apply to their employees. The employer may only impose financial or disciplinary sanctions in cases set out by the Labour Code of the Russian Federation (Article 137). In such cases it is lawful for an employer to deduct certain amounts from an employee’s salary.

Kazakhstan: Adopted regulation on the state OHS examination for senior managers of major hazard facilities

As of 29 August 2017, senior managers and heads of major hazard facilities will take the required occupational health and safety and industrial safety examination in accordance with the adopted regulation. The regulation imposes obligations on the state agencies that conduct the examinations. The examination is to be conducted by the Committee of Industrial Development and Industrial Safety (of the Ministry of Investments and Development) of Kazakhstan.

Ukraine: Revised rules for the development of occupational health and safety instructions

When the Rules enter into force, all employers will be required to follow them when developing their internal occupational health and safety instructions. The Rules were adopted by Order No. 526 of 30 March 2017 and will enter into force from the date of their official publication. As at 21 August 2017, the Order has not been officially published.