Waste management/ waste generation

Uzbekistan, Issue 15 March 2017

Amended procedure for used oil treatment

The revised version includes mainly drafting amendments and a revised diagram of the movement of used oil from organisations and physical persons to the centralized collection and processing points as well as to the points of used oil exchange.

Russia: Explanation for importers and manufacturers on how to pay the environmental charges

Clarification issued by the RosPrirodnadzor (the Russian environmental authority) explains that manufacturers and importers of certain products are required to ensure utilization of the set quantities of wastes generated as a result of such products losing their consumer properties. This requirement also applies to the packaging of such products. This concept is called “extended producer responsibility” (EPR) and was initially introduced by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation on the Industrial and Consumer Wastes.

Russia: Clarification on handling solid household wastes by organisations

RosPrirodNadzor (the Russian environmental protection authority) issued a letter clarifying a number of issues related to generation and handling of solid household (domestic) wastes.

In particular, the letter explains that no environmental fee (i.e. a fee for the negative impact on the environment) is payable by organisations operating only class IV facilities (i.e. facilities posing a low environmental hazard).

Ukraine: Environmental tax rates increase

As of 1 January 2017 facilities performing air emissions, disposing of hazardous wastes and/or discharging wastewater into water bodies in Ukraine are required to pay higher environmental fees for these operations.

In particular, the following environmental rates have been increased.

Air emissions

Russia: Will your company be inspected in 2017?

In order answer this question, one should go to the official website of the General Prosecution Office of the Russian Federation. The service that can be accessed via this website (presently launched in the testing mode) allows you to check whether your organization will be visited by any state inspectors in 2017. The service will also give you the information on which dates your company is to be inspected and how long the inspection will last. The service will also inform you on subject of each inspection (e.g.

Russia: Office facilities are not “environmental polluters”

According to the clarification of the environmental authorities (RosPrirodNadzor), office operators that only generate and accumulate waste are not considered “environmental polluters” of any of the four categories and therefore, are not required to be registered in the Environmental Polluters Registry.