ALL (General product requirements)

Russia: Proposed additional requirements to protect disabled, young and elderly consumers

A proposal has been submitted that would amend the Law of the Russian Federation on Consumer Rights Protection No. 2300-I of 7 February 1992. The proposal would impose additional requirements pertaining to product marking that aim to protect the rights of disabled persons, children and elderly consumers.

The amendments would include the following obligations:

Uzbekistan: Simplified procedure for conformity assessment

Asof19 July 2017, importers and manufacturers of products subject to compulsory certification, are able to use a foreign declaration of conformity in order to fulfill the compulsory certification requirement. The amendment to the procedure of compulsory product certification provides the possibility of a foreign conformity declaration being acknowledged by the Uzbekistan authorities.

Ukraine: Proposed revised format for certification body identification

On 27 July 2017 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (Department of Technical Regulation) published draft Decree that would amend Decree No. 1184 on the format of the national conformity mark.

The amendments would clarify in which format the relevant conformity assessment body number is to be indicated next to the national conformity sign of Ukraine. 

Russia: Further temporary sale prohibition for certain alcohol-containing non-foods

Starting from 12 July 2017, organisations and sole traders are required to suspend, for 90 days, all retail sales of ethanol-containing nonfoods as well as alcohol-containing food additives and flavourings (except glass rinsing liquids, non-liquid alcohol-containing products as well as products packaged in a way that excludes the possibility of their oral consumption) with the content of ethanol exceeding 28% of the total product volume.

EAEU: Adopted Regulation on product registration certificates

As of 1 June 2019, manufacturers and importers (suppliers) of products subject to state registration are required to apply for a registration certificate in accordance with the revised procedure.

The revised procedure as well as the revised form of a registration certificate was adopted by EAEU Commission Decision No. 80 of 30 June 2017.

Russia: Certification of radiators and convectors becomes compulsory

As of 27 June 2018 manufacturers and importers of heating radiators, heating convectors are required to perform certification of such radiators and convectors.

As of 27 December 2018 manufacturers and importers of heating insulation materials and construction mixtures and solutions are required to issue a declaration of conformity for their products.

Ukraine, Issue 20 June 2017

Adopted rules for dangerous goods transportation by inland waterways

The Rules apply to all organisations participating in inland transportation of dangerous goods. The Rules contain requirements for transportation, loading, unloading, treatment of vessels, training of staff, etc.