Russia: Clarification on some waste management issues

Federal Service on the Supervision of the Use of Natural Resources (RosPrirodNadzor) which is the Russian environmental law enforcement agency has issued a clarification letter on a number of waste management issues.

In particular, the letter clarifies that organisations or sole traders that perform waste transportation activities only are not considered as those performing waste collection and therefore do not require a waste collection license.

If a waste collection license holder (i.e. a holder of a license for the collection of class I-IV wastes) wishes to cancel its license and submits a license cancellation application, the licensing body will perform a non-scheduled inspection of the license holder’s documentation.

An applicant for a waste management license may submit an application for managing particular types and/or groups/subgroups of wastes specifying waste hazard classes.

Territorial (local) branches of RosPrirodNadzor are responsible for waste management (environmental) fees, including fee calculation and reimbursement of fees that were paid in excess.

Law: Letter issued by RosPrirodNadzor on 2 April 2018 No. АС-10-02-36/6274