EAEU: Amendments to the Technical Regulation on Personal Protective Equipment

As of 27 November 2019, the Amendments to the technical regulation of the Customs Union “On the safety of personal protective equipment” (TR CU 019/2011) – “TR on PPE”, adopted by Decision of the EEC Council dated May 28, 2019 No. 55, entered into force. 

The changes clarify both the scope of the Technical Regulation and some individual requirements applicable to personal protective equipment (PPE).

As of 27 November 2019, the TR on PPE does not apply to protective helmets for drivers and passengers of motorcycles and mopeds. These are already covered by the TR “On the safety of wheeled transport vehicles” (TR CU 018/2011).

Also, certain categories of personal protective equipment designed or modified to protect against bacteriological (biological) agents and radioactive materials that can be used for military purposes, from toxic chemicals used in chemical weapons, and riot control chemicals, have been excluded from the scope of the TR on PPE.

The scope of the application of the TR on PPE has also been extended to cover personal protective equipment intended to protect hands and feet from water and solutions of non-toxic substances.

The amendments clarified requirements for suits that protect from water and solutions of non-toxic substances, PPE protecting from mechanical impacts, as well as filtering PPE for respiratory organs.

Added requirements for a filtering self-rescuer designed to protect a person from toxic combustion products during rescue and evacuation during a fire, as well as PPE protecting hands and feet from water and solutions of non-toxic substances.

For PPE protecting hearing organs, the form of conformity assessment has been changed from a declaration to certification.

The amendments are to be implemented subject to a transitional period. All conformity assessment documents issued for PPE before 27 November 2019 will remain valid during their normal validity period.

Law: Decision No. 55 of the EAEU Commission Collegiate of 28 May 2019