Animal feed and veterinary products

EAEU: Amended sanitary rules for raw materials to be used for animal feed production

As of 26 November 2022, the amendments to the Common Veterinary and Sanitary Requirements enter into force.

The amendments revise the list of raw materials (not intended for human consumption) of animal or fish origin intended for the production of animal feed. The revised rules allow the importation into the EAEU or movement within the EAEU of the following types of raw materials:

Georgia: Regulation on the use of additives in animal feed

As of 1 January 2025, manufacturers and importers of animal feed in Georgia are to be required to use additives in such animal food in accordance with the adopted Rules.

The Rules define “animal feed” as any substance or product, including animal feed additives, processed, partially processed or unprocessed, intended for oral feeding of animals.