Machinery and tools

Uzbekistan: Zero customs duties set for some imported products

The President signed the Decree on improving the uninterrupted supply of production processes with raw materials dated October 12, 2022 No. PP-392.

In accordance with the Decree, customs duties have been set to zero (until 1 January 2025) for some products that enter the territory of Uzbekistan under the customs regime that is called "processing in the customs territory".

Ukraine: Adopted Technical Regulations on Noise Emissions of Equipment Operated Outdoors

As of 11 March 2021, manufacturers and importers of equipment that is to be used outdoors (including construction equipment) are required to ensure this equipment complies with the noise emission limits adopted by Technical Regulation (TR) of Ukraine on Noise Emissions of Equipment Operated Outdoors.

The adopted Technical Regulation has been drafted based on the EU Directive 2000/14/EC.

Ukraine: Adopted Energy Efficiency Labelling Requirements for water heaters and water storage tanks

This Technical Regulation sets out the basic requirements for energy labelling of water heaters, storage tanks and sets of water heaters and solar equipment, as well as providing consumers with additional information regarding these energy-saving products.

The technical regulations apply to:

  • water heaters with a nominal thermal power of 70 kW;
  • storage tanks with a volume of 500 litres;
  • sets of water heaters with a capacity of 70 kW and solar equipment.


The technical regulation does not apply to water heaters:

EAEU: Revised list of products subject to the Machinery Safety Technical Regulation

As of 19 February 2018, the revised list of products subject to the Technical Regulation on the Safety of Machinery and Equipment (TR TS 010/2011) entered into force. The revised list includes 74 positions, such as heating boilers, publishing equipment, industrial air conditioners, air heaters and coolers, equipment intended for processing of polymer materials, etc.

Uzbekistan: Safety requirements for gas cookers and water heaters

As of 1 May 2018, manufacturers and importers of gas cookers and water heaters are required to comply with the requirements adopted by Technical Regulation on the Safety of Devices Operating on Gaseous Fuel.

The adopted TR applies to gas-consuming equipment intended for cooking, heating and hot water supply, as well as to its components. The TR does not apply to equipment:

Uzbekistan: Adopted Technical Regulation on the Safety of Lifts

As of 7 April 2018, lift owners, manufacturers and operators in Uzbekistan will be required to comply with the adopted set of safety requirements for lifts. The requirements apply to hydraulic and electrical lifts with the loading capacity of 40 kg and more, except the following lifts:

• those with rack-and-pinion or screw lifting mechanism,

Russia: Extended producer responsibility will not apply to product components

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology has drafted amendments to the Law on Industrial and Consumer Wates No. 89-FZ. The amendments would clarify that manufacturers and importers of product components (rather than finished products) or any materials that are to be used for manufacturing other goods will not have to comply with any recycling targets within the extended producer responsibility (EPR) concept.