Ukraine: Adopted Technical Regulations on Noise Emissions of Equipment Operated Outdoors

As of 11 March 2021, manufacturers and importers of equipment that is to be used outdoors (including construction equipment) are required to ensure this equipment complies with the noise emission limits adopted by Technical Regulation (TR) of Ukraine on Noise Emissions of Equipment Operated Outdoors.

The adopted Technical Regulation has been drafted based on the EU Directive 2000/14/EC.

The adopted TR applies to certain types of construction hoists, compressors, bulldozers, excavators, hydraulic power sources, lawnmowers, tower cranes, etc.

The TR does not apply to equipment the main purpose of which is transportation of cargo or people by road, rail, water or air as well as military, safety, civil defence and similar types of equipment.

Manufacturers or their authorised representatives are required to issue a Declaration of Conformity for all relevant equipment they are placing on the Ukrainian market. They must keep the DoC together with the technical documentation for at least 10 years from the date of manufacture of the last unit.

Manufacturers must place the national mark of conformity of Ukraine on each equipment unit.

Manufacturers or representatives must ensure that all equipment undergoes conformity assessment by using any one of the following modules:

  • internal production control with the assessment of technical documentation (Annex 6 to the TR); or
  • assessment of equipment unit (Annex 7 to the TR); or
  • full quality assurance (Annex 8 to the TR). 

Law: Technical Regulations on Noise Emissions of Equipment Operated Outdoors adopted by Decree No. 1186 of 4 December 2019