Fire safety

Russia: Adopted set of fire safety rules on evacuation routes and exits

As of 19 September 2020, organisations constructing or renovating industrial or public premises or those developing technical documentation for buildings or structures are required to comply with the adopted Set of Rules SP 1.13130 “Fire protection systems. Evacuation routes and exits”.

Belarus: Approved fire safety rules for storing substances and materials

As of 18 May 2018, organisations that operate warehouses or storage areas for materials and substances are required to comply with the rules adopted by Instruction on Storing Substances and Materials. The Instruction imposes storage requirements aimed at ensuring fire safety at industrial and other facilities and warehouses.

Russia: Amendments to the Fire Safety Regulations

As of 26 September 2017, a number of important amendments to fire safety regulations enter into force in Russia. The amendments to the fire safety requirements have been introduced by Decree No. 947 of 20 September 2016.

Separate fire safety instructions are also compulsory for category A and B premises

Ukraine: Amended fire safety rules

As of 3 October 2017, fire safety rules of Ukraine (the Rules) have been amended. The amendments clarify existing requirements and also impose a number of new fire safety requirements. The Rules apply to all organisations regardless of the type of their activity.

Kazakhstan: Adopted Technical Regulation on general fire safety requirements

As of 6 September 2017, all organisations operating buildings or structures and/or using flammable substances or electrical equipment or those that own or operate any fire fighting equipment are required to comply with the provisions of Technical Regulation (TR) “General Fire Safety Requirements”.

The TR requires facilities to implement the following measures: