Occupational safety

Moldova: Adopted checklists for state labour inspections

As of 9 December 2022, state labour inspectors are to use the adopted checklists during compliance inspections at facilities.

Seven checklists have been adopted, and each one must be used for a specific type of inspection or for a general occupational safety and labour law compliance inspection.

GEORGIA: Adopted Technical Regulation on the Safe Use of PPE

As of 3 January 2023, employers and employees using or providing personal protective equipment (PPE) are required to comply with the adopted Technical Regulation (TR).

The TR sets out that PPE must be used only when collective protective equipment or risk mitigation measures are not able to provide an adequate protection and to sufficiently lower the risks.

Employers must provide PPE to their employees, if needed, considering potential risks to the employees’ health and safety.

Employers must provide PPE free of charge and ensure timely service and repair of PPE.

UZBEKISTAN: Adopted mandatory reporting forms for organisations

As of 1 January 2023 organisations operating in Uzbekistan are required to submit revised statistical reporting forms, as may be applicable to them. The submission of such forms is mandatory in Uzbekistan.

The list of forms consists of over 100 items and include the following yearly forms that are provided in form of Annexes to the adopted Decision:

-          Report on product manufacturing (Annex 16);

Kyrgyzstan: Procedure for equipping vehicles with tachographs

As of 27 September 2022, companies operating transport vehicles belonging to classes M2, M3, N2 and N3 are required to equip these vehicles with tachograhps for the purpose of recording working and resting time of drivers. 

The procedure has been developed in line with the European Agreement Concerning the Work of Crews of Vehicles Engaged in International Road Transport (AETR). 

Russia: Revised standard on health and safety signs

As of 1 October 2019, facility operators are required to ensure their safety signs comply with the revised edition of the Standard GOST 12.4.-26-2015 “Occupational safety standards system. Safety colours, safety signs and signal marking. Purpose and rules of application. General technical requirements and characteristics. Test methods”.

EAEU: Technical Regulation on the Safety of Personal Protective Equipment

As of 1 June 2012, manufacturers and importers of personal protective equipment into the EAEU (Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan) are required to comply with the requirements set out in the Technical Regulation on the Safety of Personal Protective Equipment (TR TS 019/2011) – the EAEU TR on PPE. 

Kazakhstan: Adopted occupational health requirements for laboratories where potentially hazardous chemicals are used

As of 1 January 2018, organisations operating laboratories where potentially hazardous chemical or biological substances are used are required to comply with the adopted health and safety requirements.

The adopted rules impose requirements for the construction, water supply, conditioning, ventilation as well as storage and transportation of materials and substances used in laboratories.