UKRAINE: Revised list of radio equipment standards adopted

As of 6 December 2022, manufacturers and importers of radio equipment in Ukraine are required to use a revised list of standards that ensure compliance with the Ukrainian Technical Regulation on the Safety of Radio-Equipment.

The list contains Ukrainian standards that are identical to EU Harmonised Standards listed under Directive 2014/53/EC (the Radio Equipment Directive or “RED”).

The list consists of 46 positions and includes the following standards:

Ukraine: Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) overview

The extended producer responsibility (EPR) framework in Ukraine has been introduced by the revised Law on Wastes (enters into force in July 2023). 

The responsible producers have to fulfil their EPR obligations either collectively – by joining a compliance scheme or individually – by setting up their own compliance system.

The EPR in Ukraine includes the following:

Ukraine: Adopted statistical reporting form on waste management

As of 1 January 2023, facilities that generate waste and perform waste management operations are required to use a revised waste management reporting form.

The form is to be used in order to submit yearly reports on the waste management operations and the quantity of generated and handled wastes to the State Statistics Authority.

Ukraine: Stricter aluminium and formaldehyde migration limits in toys

As of 3 October 2021, the migration limits for aluminium and formaldehyde in toys have been strengthened in order to align them with limits set by the revised EU Toy Safety Directive.

The amendments have been made to the Ukrainian Technical Regulation on the Safety of Toys approved by Decree No. 151 of 28 February 2018.

The revised migration limits for aluminium are set as follows (in line with the EU Toy Safety Directive):

Ukraine: Adopted plan of measures aimed at improving chemical safety in Ukraine

The Parliament of Ukraine adopted Decision that sets out a plan of measures that would aim to improve chemical safety situation in Ukraine.

The plan includes creation of a clinical toxicological centre in Ukraine and a registry of available accredited chemical laboratories that would monitor, discover and identify hazardous chemical substances.

The plan also includes adoption of a number of chemical safety regulations. In particular, the following draft laws are to be tabled in the Parliament of Ukraine (the Supreme Rada) before August 2021:

Ukraine: Draft Amendment to Food Labelling Regulations

Draft amendments to the food labelling regulations propose approval of procedure and special requirements for the labelling of food products, as well as the list of food products for which it is mandatory to indicate the country of origin or place of origin.