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Belarus: Adopted standard on medical face masks

Decree of the State Standardisation Authority (Gosstandart) of April 10, 2020 No. 20 of the Republic of Belarus, adopted GOST R 58396-2019 “Medical masks. Requirements and test methods. " as the national Belorussian standard. 

Belarus: Clarification on certification requirements for face masks

Currently the mass production and sale of face masks in the Republic of Belarus is increasing constantly. The masks include those to be used as hygienic (sanitary-hygienic) products in order to prevent (the spread of infectious diseases that pose a danger to public health, including coronavirus COVID-19.

RUSSIA: Face masks not declared as PPE are not subject to certification

The Russian standardisation authority Rosstandart has clarified that if a manufacturer or importer places on the Russian market any face masks they do not claim to be personal protective equipment or masks declared as a part of clothes or apparel – these types of face masks do not have to undergo mandatory conformity assessment procedure.

Russia: Tobacco products to be marked with the means of identification

From 15 January until 31 December 2018 manufacturers and importers of tobacco products have an opportunity to participate (on a voluntary basis) in the pilot project involving marking of tobacco products with identification marks.

The purpose of such an identification is to:

Ensure authenticity of tobacco products;