RUSSIA: Updates on identification marking of tyres, perfumes and photography products

During a retail sale, the information about the code of any product marked with an identification mark must be contained in the sales receipt. Each product unit must indicated in a separate line in the receipt.

1.      Tyres

Tyre manufacturers, importers and sellers should be aware that as of 1 November 2020, all tyres placed on the Russian market must contain the identification marking code. All wholesalers buying tyres from manufacturers and importers must transfer to the “Chestnyi Znak” (“The Honest Sign”) system the information on purchase and placing out of circulation of tyres with identification marking. Tyre retailers must transfer to “Chestnyi Znak” the information on all tyres that were put out of circulation – sold to the end users.

2.      Perfumery

As of 1 October 2020, perfumery products put into circulation (placed on the Russian market) must contain an identification marking code. Information about the change of ownership must be sent to the “Chestnyi Znak” (Honest Sign) system. Unmarked remaining stock can be sold until the end of September 2021.

Amendments have been prepared, according to which all remaining unmarked stock can be marked until October 31, 2021. In addition, it is planned to allow until 1 April 2021 -  to import and sell imported kits and sets that include unmarked perfumes.

3.      Photo goods.

From October 1, it is forbidden to put up for sale photo products that do not have the required identification markings. Remains in warehouses can be marked until December 1.

If goods purchased before October 1 are imported after this date, then they can be marked until November 1.

Amendments have been prepared that will allow to import and sell imported kits and kits, which include unmarked photographic goods, until 1 April 2021.