Food and drinks

Georgia: Technical Regulation on Plastic Food Contact Materials

As of 1 January 2026, manufacturers and importers of food contact materials are required to comply with the adopted Technical Regulation (TR).

The technical regulation aims at the effective functioning of the internal market of plastic materials and articles (items) intended for contact with food, protection of human health and consumer rights.

Uzbekistan: the law on organic products adopted

As of 27 July 2022, manufacturers and importers of organic food products are required to comply with the adopted set of requirements. 

The Law “On Organic Products if Uzbekistan” adopted in April 2022, regulates production, processing, storage, transportation, labelling and sale, as well as conformity assessment and authorization of organic products.

EAEU: Adopted Technical Regulation on Poultry Meat and Poultry Meat Products

As of 1 January 2023, manufacturers and importers of poultry meat and products will have to comply with the adopted Technical Regulation on the Safety of Poultry Meat and Products (TR EAEU 051/2021).

The adopted Technical Regulation (“TR”) provides a set of definitions and requirements related to poultry meat and products. In particular, it applies to:

EAEU: Draft amendments to the food labelling regulation

Draft Amendments No. 4 to the Technical Regulation on Food Labelling (TR TS 022/2011), aim to clarify a number of existing provisions, to prevent misleading of consumers and to help consumers make an informed purchasing decision.

In particular, the amendments would expand and clarify the list of potential allergens that must be highlighted on a product label.

EAEU: Adopted rules for the mandatory identification marking of milk and dairy products by EAEU member states

According to the adopted Decision, the EAEU member states will independently determine the date of introduction and the procedure for the mandatory identification marking of certain types of dairy products on their territory. They have agreed to notify the Eurasian Economic Commission of such a date.

At the same time, the EAEU members are not allowed to set a ban on the circulation of unmarked goods earlier than the deadlines set out in the list of dairy products, approved by the adopted Decision.

Ukraine: Draft Amendment to Food Labelling Regulations

Draft amendments to the food labelling regulations propose approval of procedure and special requirements for the labelling of food products, as well as the list of food products for which it is mandatory to indicate the country of origin or place of origin.