UZBEKISTAN: Excise stamps are no longer required for sparkling wines

Presidential Decree of 4 April 4 2023 No. PP-110 “On additional measures aimed at providing the population with high-quality consumer goods” abolished, as of 1 July 2023, the excise stamp requirement for sparkling and natural wines in Uzbekistan.

New forms of excise stamps for alcohol and tobacco products in Uzbekistan are to be introduced in July 2023.  

As of 1 August 2023, for the production of alcoholic products, another licensing requirement has been introduced. It is to be required to have a certificate of registration for the trademarks of alcoholic products by the Ministry of Justice.

As of September 1, 2023, it is allowed to conduct wholesale and retail trade in tobacco products, wholesale trade in beer products by submitting a notification to the competent authority.

It is to be possible to sell surpluses of food-grade and technical-grade alcohol, which exceeds the seller’s own needs, through the stock exchange.

The Committee for the Development of Competition and Protection of Consumer Rights of Uzbekistan, together with the relevant competent authorities, has the right to check the intended use of food and technical ethyl alcohol by business entities on site. The check is to be carried out in if an entity purchases more alcohol than is needed for its production activities.

The national information system for monitoring the labelling and traceability of products will be integrated with the Digital Data Platform of the "Electronic Government" system. The law enforcement and competent state authorities will be entitled to have access to the information contained in the system.

Law: Presidential Decree No. PP-110 of 4 April 2023