Pharma and medical devices

Uzbekistan: Some pharmaceutical raw materials and equipment have been relieved from import customs duties

Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers dated September 21, 2022 No. 519 “On approval of the list of technological and laboratory equipment, its components and spare parts, as well as raw materials and materials, medical products and packaging materials that are exempted from customs duties” was adopted.

The document approved the lists of materials and equipment exempt from customs duties, which contain:

Uzbekistan: mandatory digital labelling of medical devices and medicines

Manufacturers and importers of medical devices and medicines are to be required to provide electronic labelling for their products sold or imported into Uzbekistan. This requirement has been set by Decree adopted in April 2022. 

Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan dated April 2022 No. 149 “On the introduction of a system of mandatory digital labelling of medicines and medical devices” was adopted.

Uzbekistan: Adopted lists of pharmaceuticals and medical devices subject to simplified importation procedure

Uzbekistan adopted a list of medical devices that are used for treating COVID-19 patient and that can be imported into Uzbekistan without state registration and without compulsory certification until 1 October 2020.

This list includes  antimicrobial lamps, intubation tubes, disposable respirators N95, bioboxes, cardio monitors, medical masks, nebulisers, blood samples and containers for storing blood and its components, etc.

Belarus: Adopted standard on medical face masks

Decree of the State Standardisation Authority (Gosstandart) of April 10, 2020 No. 20 of the Republic of Belarus, adopted GOST R 58396-2019 “Medical masks. Requirements and test methods. " as the national Belorussian standard. 

Belarus: Clarification on certification requirements for face masks

Currently the mass production and sale of face masks in the Republic of Belarus is increasing constantly. The masks include those to be used as hygienic (sanitary-hygienic) products in order to prevent (the spread of infectious diseases that pose a danger to public health, including coronavirus COVID-19.

RUSSIA: Face masks. Types, standards and legal requirements


Certification of face masks in Russia

Face masks sold in the Russian Federation can be assigned to one of the following categories:

-Medical devices (medical products);

-Personal protective equipment; and

-Other face masks.

Medical face masks

Russia: Simplified registration procedure for low-risk medical devices

As of 19 March 2020, importers and manufacturers of low-risk medical devices will have to undergo a separate registration procedure for such devices.

The amendments to this effect were adopted by Decree No. 299 of 18 March 2020 that amended Decree No. 1416 of 27 December 2016.

Russia: Amended list of regulated narcotics, psychotropic substances and their precursors

As of 1 January 2019, the list of controlled narcotics, psychotropic substances and their precursors has been amended. The list of such substances and their precursors was adopted by Decree No. 681 of 30 June 1998. As a result of the amendments, several substances were added to List I and II.

List I (prohibited narcotic substances) was supplemented by the following positions: