Uzbekistan: Some pharmaceutical raw materials and equipment have been relieved from import customs duties

Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers dated September 21, 2022 No. 519 “On approval of the list of technological and laboratory equipment, its components and spare parts, as well as raw materials and materials, medical products and packaging materials that are exempted from customs duties” was adopted.

The document approved the lists of materials and equipment exempt from customs duties, which contain:

Uzbekistan: Introduces mandatory digital labelling of water and soft drinks

Manufacturers and importers of packaged drinking water and soft drinks (including juices) are to be required to apply mandatory digital labelling on these products in accordance with the adopted Resolution.

The requirement to mark water and drinks with mandatory digital marking is to be introduced in stages. The procedure for mandatory digital marking of water and soft drinks through means of identification will be gradually introduced during 2023-2024

Uzbekistan: Law on Standardisation adopted

As of 5 November 2023, manufacturers and importers of products subject to standardisation (certification) are to be required to comply with the provisions of the adopted Law of Uzbekistan on Standardisation.

The adopted law sets out the following types of standards:

-         national standard;

-         international (regional) standard; and

-         foreign standard.

Uzbekistan: Zero customs duties set for some imported products

The President signed the Decree on improving the uninterrupted supply of production processes with raw materials dated October 12, 2022 No. PP-392.

In accordance with the Decree, customs duties have been set to zero (until 1 January 2025) for some products that enter the territory of Uzbekistan under the customs regime that is called "processing in the customs territory".

Uzbekistan: mandatory digital labelling of medical devices and medicines

Manufacturers and importers of medical devices and medicines are to be required to provide electronic labelling for their products sold or imported into Uzbekistan. This requirement has been set by Decree adopted in April 2022. 

Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan dated April 2022 No. 149 “On the introduction of a system of mandatory digital labelling of medicines and medical devices” was adopted.

Uzbekistan: the law on organic products adopted

As of 27 July 2022, manufacturers and importers of organic food products are required to comply with the adopted set of requirements. 

The Law “On Organic Products if Uzbekistan” adopted in April 2022, regulates production, processing, storage, transportation, labelling and sale, as well as conformity assessment and authorization of organic products.

Uzbekistan: Amended Regulation on Mobile Device Registration

The Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan adopted Resolution No. 828 of 31.12.2020 "On Amendments and Additions to the Regulation on the Procedure for Registration of Mobile Devices Used, Imported and Manufactured for Sale or Personal Use in the Republic of Uzbekistan".