Uzbekistan: Adopted Regulation on Issuing Preliminary Decision on a Product’s Country of Origin

As of 21 June 2024, all preliminary decisions on a product’s country of origin are to be issued in accordance with the adopted procedure.

A preliminary decision is a document that is issued by customs authority. This document confirms the country of origin of a specific product that is to be moved across the border.

Market participants, such as importers or manufacturers are not obliged to obtain a preliminary decision.

To obtain a preliminary decision, the interested person (market participant) must contact the customs authorities before submitting a cargo customs declaration with the purpose of placing the relevant products into the customs regimes of free circulation or export and re-export.

The form of a preliminary decision issued by the Customs Authorities of Uzbekistan is set out in Annex 1 to the adopted Regulation.

Law: Order No. 109 of 19 February 2024 on the Procedure for the Issuance of Preliminary Decisions on a Product’s Country of Origin