Moldova: Published list of toy safety standards

As of 30 May 2021, manufacturers and importers of toys in Moldova are required to conform to the published list of Moldavian standards that are equivalent to the harmonised EU standards regulating toy safety. The list was adopted by Order No. 39 of 31 March 2021.

The list of standards consists of 16 positions and includes:

Ukraine: Stricter aluminium and formaldehyde migration limits in toys

As of 3 October 2021, the migration limits for aluminium and formaldehyde in toys have been strengthened in order to align them with limits set by the revised EU Toy Safety Directive.

The amendments have been made to the Ukrainian Technical Regulation on the Safety of Toys approved by Decree No. 151 of 28 February 2018.

The revised migration limits for aluminium are set as follows (in line with the EU Toy Safety Directive):

Ukraine: Technical Regulation on the safety of toys is to enter into force

As of 21 September 2018, importers and manufacturers of toys are required to ensure their products comply with the adopted Technical Regulation on the Safety of Toys (TR). There is no transitional period but all toys that are compliant with the “old” TR on toy safety (i.e. adopted in 2013) and that have been issued conformity assessment documents before the 2018 TR enters into force (i.e. before 21 September 2018) can remain on the market provided that they have been placed on the market before 21 September 2018.

EAEU: Amended standards for the Technical Regulation on the Safety of Toys

As of 28 October 2017, manufacturers and importers of toys into the EAEU are required to use the revised list of standards that ensure presumption of conformity with the Technical Regulation on the Safety of Toys, TR TS 008/2011 (the TR). They also have to comply with the list of compulsory standards for this TR that contain testing rules and methods.

Ukraine: Proposed Technical Regulation on Safety of Toys

Manufacturers and importers of toys may soon have to comply with the safety requirements that would be imposed by the draft Technical Regulation on the Safety of Toys. The draft Technical Regulation on Safety of Toys was proposed on 29 August 2017 and has been developed on the basis of the provisions of the EU Directive on Safety of Toys (“the Toys Directive 2009/48/EC”).

EEU: Additional safety restrictions for toys

The EurAsian Economic Commission Collegiate approved the prohibition for using super-strong loose small-sized magnets in toys. The Collegiate members approved the relevant amendment tot he EEU Technical Regulation on the Safety of Toys. The purpose of such an amendment is to exclude the possibility of a child accidentally swallowing such a magnet as this poses a serious risk to the child’s life and health. The magnetic flux indicator is harmonised with the European Union requirements.

Tajikistan: Law on Safety of Toys enters into force on 24 February 2017

As of 24 February 2017 all toys placed on the market in Tajikistan are subject to certification procedure in accordance with the adopted Technical Regulation.

The Technical Regulation applies to products designed or intended, whether or not exclusively, for use in play by children under 14 years of age, subject to exemptions listed in Annex 1.