EAEU: Amended list of cosmetic standards

The EurAsian Economic Commission Board has amended the lists of standards for the Technical Regulation on the Safety of Cosmetics and Perfumery TR TS 009/2011.

The lists have been supplemented by additional 20 intrastate standards. Five “older” versions of ISO and EN standards have been replaced by newer versions.

EAEU: Draft Amendments to the Technical Regulation on Fish and Fish Products

On 18 July 2023 a draft law that would amend Technical Regulation No. 040/2016 on Fish and Fish Products was published.

The amendments would clarify some provisions of the TR on Fish and Fish Products and introduce definitions to some new terms, such as “surimi mince” into the TR.

The amendments would also provide for a revised edition of Annex 1 to the TR 040/2016 “Microbiological safety norms”.

EAEU: Amended procedure for registration conformity declarations

As of 22 January 2023 manufacturers and importers registering or renewing declarations of conformity of products with EAEU technical regulations have to follow the revised registration procedure.

According to the amendment it is now mandatory to indicate the following in the registration application:

-          storage conditions and durability period for the product in question;

-          service period of the product in the declaration.

EAEU: Entry into force of "EurAsia REACH" is delayed again

The entry into force of the EAEU Technical Regulation 041/2017 on the Safety of Chemical Products (“the EurAsia REACH” which is also called "Russia REACH") has been delayed again. It is likely that the TR is to enter into force around 2025-2026.

The main reason for so many delays is the absence of the adopted “second-level” legislation that would regulate chemical notification procedure and creation of the EAEU Chemical Registry.

EAEU: Amended Standard Conformity Assessment Modules

As of 10 January 2023, the EAEU Decision No. 44 of 18 April 2018 on Standard Conformity Assessment Modules was amended.

The amendments revised the circumstances when a conformity certificate and/or annexes to such a certificate or a declaration of conformity can be reissued without the holder having to undergo a conformity assessment procedure once again.  Such circumstances include:

EAEU: Amended sanitary rules for raw materials to be used for animal feed production

As of 26 November 2022, the amendments to the Common Veterinary and Sanitary Requirements enter into force.

The amendments revise the list of raw materials (not intended for human consumption) of animal or fish origin intended for the production of animal feed. The revised rules allow the importation into the EAEU or movement within the EAEU of the following types of raw materials:

EAEU: Amendments to Technical Regulation on Milk and Dairy Products

As of 18 September 2023, manufacturers and importers of milk and dairy products have to comply with the revised provisions of the Technical Regulation on the Safety of Milk and Dairy Products (TR TS 033/2013).

The amendments revise a number of definitions and microbiological properties of some milk and dairy products.

EAEU: Amended electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements

As of 11 December 2022, manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic products in the EurAsian Economic Union (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia) are subject to the electromagnetic compatibility regulations, are required to comply with the revised version of the Technical Regulation TR TS 020/2011 on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) of Technical Devices (the EMC TR).