Georgia: Requirements for Regenerated Cellulose Film Intended for Food Contact Purposes

Georgia: Requirements for Regenerated Cellulose Film Intended for Food Contact Purposes

As of 1 January 2026, importers and manufacturers of regenerated cellulose film intended for food contact are required to comply with the adopted Technical Regulation (TR).

The requirements of the TR apply to the regenerated cellulose tape, which is already in contact with food or, depending on its purpose, is intended for contact with food and which meets one of the following conditions:

a) is a finished product; or

b) is a constituent part of the finished product, which contains other materials.

The requirements of the adopted TR do not apply to synthetic casings made of regenerated cellulose.

Regenerated Cellulose Film is defined as a thin, sheet-like material derived from refined cellulose produced from untreated wood/timber or cotton. To perform a certain technical function, it is possible to have the appropriate substances added, both directly in the mass and on the surface. Regenerated cellulose film can be coated on one or both sides.

Regenerated cellulose film must belong to one of the following types:

a) uncoated regenerated cellulose film;

b) regenerated cellulose film covered with a coating derived from cellulose;

c) regenerated cellulose film covered with a plastic coating.

All regenerated cellulose films must be manufactured using only the substances or groups of substances specified in the Appendix to the adopted Technical Regulation ("The List of substances allowed/authorized for the production of regenerated cellulose film") subject to any applicable restrictions.

In addition to the substances specified in the List, the use of other substances is allowed. In the event that they are used in the form of dyes (paint or pigment) or adhesive substances, their use should be allowed in accordance with the requirements set out by Resolution No. 585 of the Government of Georgia of December 23, 2016 on the "Approval of the Technical Regulations on Food Additives", provided that there is no way they can migrate and be detected in food using valid testing methods.

Regenerated Cellulose Film intended for food contact requires a Declaration of Conformity.

Law: Technical Regulation on Materials and Products from Regenerated Cellulose Film Intended for Food Contact, adopted by Decree No. 124 of 4 March 2024