RUSSIA: Face masks not declared as PPE are not subject to certification

The Russian standardisation authority Rosstandart has clarified that if a manufacturer or importer places on the Russian market any face masks they do not claim to be personal protective equipment or masks declared as a part of clothes or apparel – these types of face masks do not have to undergo mandatory conformity assessment procedure.

Face masks manufactured in accordance with the Technical Standards (TU) 13.92.29-005-00302178-2020 “Hygienic facial masks” are not subject to the EAEU Technical Regulation 019/2011 on the Safety of Personal Protective Equipment and do not require conformity declaration or certification.

Rosstandart has also stressed the importance of clear labelling (marking) of face masks. Manufacturers and importers must ensure that labels and marking placed on face masks do not mislead the consumers about the properties of such face masks.