EAEU: Procedure for registration, suspension and termination of conformity declarations

As of 1 July 2018, declarations of conformity with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) Technical Regulations are subject to a revised procedure for registration, suspension and termination.

All declarations of conformity that have been issued in the unified EAEU form, pursuant to Decision No. 293 of 25 December 2012 must be registered in the Common Registry of Conformity Declarations (the Register). Registration of declarations is performed by specially appointed competent bodies or organisations, including accredited certification bodies (included into the Common Registry of Conformity Assessment Bodies).

In order to have a declaration registered the applicant (e.g. the manufacturer or importer) are required to submit an application, together with the accompanying documents (e.g. the applicant details, product name, customs code – TN VED code, test reports required by the applicable technical regulation, etc.) to the authorised body (certification body).  The documents and the application can be submitted either on paper or electronically.

The authorised body (certification body) will review the submitted documents and will (within five working days) either register the declaration or send the applicant a grounded refusal to register the declaration. The authorised body (certification body) may refuse to register a declaration for a number of reasons, including the submission of incomplete application or non-conformity with the applicable Technical Regulation.

Once a declaration of conformity is registered, it is not permitted to make changes to it. If in order to change any information included into a declaration the applicant must submit an updated declaration for a new registration.

All existing declarations, registered before this Decision has entered into force, will remain valid throughout their normal validity period.

Law: Decision No. 41 of 20 March 2018 on the Procedure of Registration, Suspension and Termination of Validity of Declarations of Conformity of Products with EAEU Technical Regulations