Georgia: Technical Regulation on Plastic Food Contact Materials

As of 1 January 2026, manufacturers and importers of food contact materials are required to comply with the adopted Technical Regulation (TR).

The technical regulation aims at the effective functioning of the internal market of plastic materials and articles (items) intended for contact with food, protection of human health and consumer rights.

The adopted TR will apply to plastic products that:

  1. are intended for contact with food; and/or
  2. are already in contact with food; and/or
  3. arereasonably expected to come into contact with food.

The requirements set out in the Technical Regulation apply to the following materials:

  1. materials, consisting of plastic only;
  2. plastic multilayer materials and articleswhich are connected to each other by adhesives or by other means; and
  3. materials and articles (items) specified in sub-paragraphs “a” and “b” above, which are printed and / or covered with a cover;
  4. plastic layers / layers and plastic cover forming lids and roof gaskets and which (together with the lid or lids) are a multilayer set consisting of two or more different materials;
  5. plastic layers in multilayer materials and goods made of different materials.

The adopted TR does not apply to the following materials:

  1. ion exchange resins;
  2. rubber; and
  3. silicone.

The adopted TR requires a Declaration of Conformity for all plastic food contact products placed on the market in Georgia.

The TR contains annexes listing substances allowed during the production of plastic FCMs as well as the relevant restrictions, such as specific migration levels and other specifications.

Law: Technical Regulation of Georgia on Plastic Food Contact Materials adopted by Resolution No. 304 of 8 June 2022