Kazakhstan: Adopted the list of GHG emission factors

As of 28 August 2017, revised greenhouse gas emission factors apply to facilities performing certain types of activity, including energy generation, production of cement, ammonia, phosphorus, etc. Greenhouse-gas (GHG) emission factors are set in the CO2 equivalent and are to be used to estimate emissions arising from producing a certain product unit. Based on these GHG emission factors, the authorities will be distributing GHG emission quotas for each particular facility that participates in the GHG emission trading scheme in Kazakhstan.

The following GHG emission factors have been set as of 28 August 2017:

  • petrochemicals - 0,181 ton CO2 per ton;
  • cement – 0,961 ton CO2 per ton;
  • phosphorus - 4,065 ton CO2 per ton;
  • ammonia - 1,800 ton CO2 per ton;
  • copper - 0,618 ton CO2 per ton; etc. 

Law: Order No. 222 of 28 June 2017 of the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan on the Adoption of the List of Greenhouse Gas Emission Factors