KAZAKHSTAN: Adopted procedure for registering a declaration for a major hazard facility

As of 15 April 2020, organisations operating major hazard facilities are required to register Safety Declarations for such facilities pursuant to the revised procedure adopted by Order No. 187 of 6 April 2020. 

Any organisation operating a major hazard facility in Kazakhstan that is subject to a Safety Declaration, must develop and register its Safety Declaration with the Industrial Safety Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development of Kazakhstan (“the competent authority”).

Criteria for determining whether a major hazard facility is subject to a Safety Declaration have been set out by Decree No. 864 of 31 July 2014.  If an organisation handles harmful or hazardous substances at its production facility in quantities exceeding the set thresholds, it must develop and register a Safety Declaration. For example, if an organisation handles over 200 tons of sulphur dioxide or over 25 tons of nitric acid or over 200 tons of flammable substances, it is required to develop a Safety Declaration. The thresholds have been set for 31 substances but including groups of substances, such as toxic, flammable or explosive substances. In addition, organisations performing certain types of activity are also required to develop a Safety Declaration. For example, an organisation is required to develop a Safety Declaration if it operates any sources of ionising radiation or performs activities such as melting of ferrous or non-ferrous metals.

In order to register a Safety Declaration, the organisation must submit to the competent authority the application form, the Safety Declaration and the expert assessment of the Safety Declaration (issued by an expert assessment body).

The competent authority will register the Declaration within 5 working days unless the documentation is incomplete in which case the competent authority will request for additional information/documentation.

Law: Order No. 187 of 6 April 2020 on the Rules of Provision of the State Service of Registering a Safety Declaration for a Major Hazard Facility