Kazakhstan: Adopted regulation on the state OHS examination for senior managers of major hazard facilities

As of 29 August 2017, senior managers and heads of major hazard facilities will take the required occupational health and safety and industrial safety examination in accordance with the adopted regulation. The regulation imposes obligations on the state agencies that conduct the examinations. The examination is to be conducted by the Committee of Industrial Development and Industrial Safety (of the Ministry of Investments and Development) of Kazakhstan.

In order to register for an exam, the applicant (the head or a senior manager of a major hazard facility) must submit the relevant application documents to the local department of the Committee. The Committee must organise the examination within 15 working days from the moment the documents have been received. The examination results are to be recorded by the examiner into a protocol. If the exam has been passed successfully the examiner issues a certificate to the applicant.

Law: Order No. 394 of 26 June 2017 on the Adoption of the Standard for the State Service “Examination of Senior Managers of Facilities that Declare Industrial Safety”