Kazakhstan, Issue 15 January 2016

Adopted checklist for state inspections

Starting from 25 January 2016 state inspectors checking compliance by certain organisations with the licensing conditions are to use the prescribed checklist containing requirements for each type of activity performed by these organisations. 

The checklist applies to organisations performing mining and chemical industry activities and the activities involving collection and processing of scrap metals (except for the organisation’s own scrap metals).

Law: Joint Order No. 1161 and 789 of 4 December 2015 and 31 December 2015 on the Approval of the Checklist for Industrial Facilities


Approved the application form for special water use and the form for the special water use permit

Organisations applying for special water use, including wastewater discharge into a water body, have to use, as of 5 February 2016, the prescribed application form. Also, all special water use permits will be issued on a revised form, starting from 5 February 2015.

 Law: Order No. 19-1/1051 of 30 November 2015 on the Approval of the Form of the Application for Special Water Use and of the Form of the Special Water Use Permit


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