Kyrgyzstan: Revised system of mandatory identification labelling of products Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan has revised its framework regulation on mandatory identification marking (labelling) of certain product categories.

Market operators, such as producers and importers must mark all products that are subject to mandatory labelling, with identification marking. 

The central body that collects, processes and stores information about the relevant products that are manufactured or imported in Kyrgyzstan is GAIS “Product Marking”.  Market participants, such as producers and importers of the relevant products have to register with GAIS “Product Marking” in order to obtain the labelling codes for their products.

As at 26 November 2022, the list of products subject to mandatory identification labelling includes:

  • Vodka
  • Liquors and vodka drinks
  • Fortified drinks and fortified juices
  • Cognacs and brandy
  • Sparkling wines, including champagne
  • Low alcohol drinks
  • Cigarettes and products with heated tobacco

Image: Flaticon