Moldova: list of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards revised

As of 22 April 2022, manufacturers and importers of electrical equipment subject to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements, have to use the standards indicated in the revised list.

The standards included into the revised list are EU harmonised standards and they give a presumption of conformity in Moldova.

The list provides for the date when the presumption of conformity is starting and the date of withdrawal – “DoW” (i.e. the date when the presumption ends), if applicable.

The list includes, among others:

EN 55014- 1:2006/A1:2009 (the equivalent Moldova standard SM SR EN 55014-1:2014/A1:2014), the DoW is 4 May 2022;

EN 55014-1:2017 (the equivalent Moldova standard SM EN 55014-1:2017), date when presumption started – 4 November 2020;

EN 55014- 2:1997/A1:2001 (the equivalent Moldova standard SM SR EN 55014- 2:2010/A1:2010), presumption starts 20 August 2016; etc.

Law: ORDER No. 36 of 04-04-2022 on the approval of the List of Moldovan standards adopting harmonized European standards to the Technical Regulation "Electromagnetic compatibility of equipment