Russia: Additional types of state supervision where risk-oriented approach is to be taken

As of 18 March 2017 state supervision bodies (inspections) are to be taken risk-oriented approach when performing additional 33 types of supervision. The added types of supervision include environmental, transport, land use, ethanol handling, pharmaceutical handling and some other types of supervision.


The “risk-oriented” approach means that the Government is to adopt additional statutory instruments where criteria for assigning risk groups are to be set out. For example, the Government will adopt risk criteria to be applied to all organisations handling or manufacturing ethanol.

After an organization has been assigned a risk group in a particular area, it will be subject to state inspections on a particular issue (e.g. ethanol-handling) with the frequency that would depend on the group of risk assigned to the organization. The higher is the risk, the more frequently the organization is to be inspected.


Law: Decree No. 245 of 2 March 2017 on Amending Decree No. 806 of 17 August 2016