Russia: Adopted revised chemical standards

As of 1 January 2023 a set of revised chemical standards is to enter into force in Russia.

The Federal State Budgetary Institution "Russian Institute for Standardization" (FGBU "RST") has issued orders to put into effect the following national standards:  GOST 32419-2022, GOST 30333-2022 and GOST 31340-2022. The standards set out requirements for hazard classification, safety data sheets for chemical products and precautionary labelling in accordance with the 7th revised edition of the UN-GHS Recommendations (Globally Harmonized System of Hazard Classification and Labelling of Chemicals - GHS).

In order to ensure a smooth transition of the industry to the updated requirements, the date of enforcement for the above standards is scheduled for January 1, 2023.


• Order of Rosstandart No. 572-st dated July 07, 2022 - GOST 32419-2022 “Hazard classification of chemical products. General requirements"

• Order of Rosstandart No. 571-st dated July 07, 2022 - for GOST 30333-2022 “Safety Data Sheets for Chemical Products. General requirements"

• Order of Rosstandart No. 640-st dated July 18, 2022 - for GOST 31340-2022 “Warning labelling of chemical products. General requirements"