Russia: Adopted rules for the mandatory labelling of products with identification marking

As of 14 May 2019, importers and manufacturers of products subject to mandatory labelling with identification marking are required to comply with the adopted Rules. The Rules contain requirements on how importers and manufacturers are to place identification marking and how they should submit notifications to the operator of the monitoring system about the turnover of products labelled with identification marking. 

For the purposes of this requirement, “placing on the market” for products made in Russia will be the first transfer from the manufacturer to a new owner. For products manufactured outside of Russia, “placing on the market” is the point of customs clearance or (for products imported from other EAEU member states) – the point of shipment of the products by a Russia-registered company or sold trader into Russia.

The Rules do not apply to exhibition samples and test samples (imported with the purpose of testing), products in bonded warehouses, products in transit, products intended for sale in duty free shops, seized goods, products imported by individuals for personal use, etc.

Products subject to identification labelling must be labelled by machine-readable code. The codes are to be placed at points of manufacture, storage or packaging, either directly on the product or on its packaging or another physical carrier of identification marking (e.g. a tag).

Manufacturers, importers or other persons responsible for labelling of goods, must obtain identification codes by applying to the Operator (which is currently the organisation called “Operator-CRPT” - "Оператор-ЦРПТ") with the use of an “emission registration device” (a cryptographic technical device).

Manufacturers, importers and other responsible persons must sign a service contract with the Operator. The form of the contract is adopted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

The Rules further contain the procedure for submission of notifications to the Operator about the turnover of products subject to identification marking.

Law: Decree No. 515 of 26 April 2019 on the System of Labelling of Products with Identification Marking