Russia: EPR – Form and submission rules for the environmental charge calculation

Importers and manufacturers of products subject to the extended producer responsibility (EPR) and recycling targets (e.g. electronic equipment, textiles and some types of packaging) will have to submit the environmental charge calculation form in accordance with the rules adopted by Order No. 920 of 13 July 2020.

The environmental charge is to be paid by those importers and manufacturers who do not implement product recycling and utilisation themselves.

In order to submit the environmental charge calculation form in electronic format the relevant manufacturers and importers must have a “digital signature”. Those that do not have a “digital signature” facility must submit the calculation form on paper together with a copy provided on an electronic data carrier (e.g. an USB-stick).

An electronic environmental charge calculation form is to be submitted via the official portal of Rosprirodnadzor (the competent Russian environmental authority).

The electronic document (the environmental charge calculation form) is to be submitted in XML format.

Law: Order No. 920 of 13 July 2020 on the Format, Structure and Submission of the Environmental Charge Calculation in Electronic Form