Russia. Issue 16 May 2016

DRAFT Amendments to working time restrictions for drivers

The Ministry of Transport has proposed to optimize restrictions imposed on the working time of drivers. The amendments are to affect organisations and facilities that employ drivers operating vehicles belonging to such organisations and that are incorporated or registered in Russia.

For example, draft amendments propose that when it is not possible (due to the nature of the activity or working conditions) to comply with the daily or weekly working time restrictions, it will be sufficient to comply with the average working time restrictions for a period from one to three months (currently –one month).

Law: Draft Order amending Order No. 15 of 20 August 2004 on the Specifics of Working and Resting Time of Vehicle Drivers.

Facilities that were not active in the previous year do not have to make prepayments of environmental fees

As of 1 January 2016 facilities that have impact on environment (e.g. air emissions or wastewater discharges) are required to pay quarterly environmental fees in advance (except for the fourth quarter). This requirement does not apply to small and medium enterprises.

Thus, in 2016 quarterly prepayments are to be paid based on the amount paid in 2015. However, if a facility was not performing any activity in 2015, then it is not required to make prepayments in 2016. This facility will only have to pay the environmental fees before 1 March 2017.

Law: Clarification letter No. ОД-06-01-32/3447 (OD-06-01-32/3447) of 1 March 2016

Revised procedure for issuing dangerous goods transportation permits

The amendments clarify that an application for such a permit is to be submitted to the local transport authorities by the transporter.

The applicant must attach to the application a copy of the safety advisor’s training certificate.
One of the reasons why an application may be refused is non-compliance by the applicant with the ADR requirements.


Law: OrderNo. 70 of 21 March 2016 onAmending the Procedure for the Issue of Special Permits for Road Transportation of Dangerous Goods


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