Russia. Issue 21 April 2016

Revised guideline for risk assessment of major hazard facilities

Starting from 11 April 2016 facilities are recommended to use the adopted guideline for the risk analysis and risk assessment of major hazard installations (major hazard facilities or MHF). A risk assessment or risk analysis of an MHF may be required, for example, during planning or construction stage of an MHF. Also, the data obtained as a result of risk analysis and risk assessment may be used to develop am emergency response plan (PLAS) for an MHF.

Law: Order No. 144 of 11 April 2016 on the Adoption of the Guideline “Methodical Basis for Risk Analysis and Risk Assessment of Major Hazard Facilities


Environmental charge rates are set for products and packaging subject to recycling

Manufacturers and importers of certain types of product and packaging will be required to pay environmental charge in accordance with the adopted rates. The products include electrical and electronic equipment, textile products, rubber goods, some personal hygiene products, etc. The packaging includes paper and cardboard packaging, plastic packaging, glass packaging (bottles), etc.

Importers and manufacturers are to start paying the environmental charge as of 2016.

Law: Decree No. 284 of 9 April 2016 on the Setting of Environmental Charge Rates for Each Group of Products Subject to Recycling (Utilisation) After Losing Consumer Properties Payable by Manufacturers and Importers that do not Perform the Utilisation (Recycling) Themselves


Clarified when the use of professional standards by employers is compulsory

Employers are required to comply with the requirements set out in professional standards when employing workers, in the following cases:

  •     If the positions or professions are subject to benefits and compensations or any restrictions, in accordance with the Labour Code or other federal legislation; or

  •        The requirements for the qualification of workers occupying such positions are set by the Labour Code or other federal legislation.

In other cases the use of professional standards by employers is voluntary.

Clarification Letter No. 14-0/10/13-2253 of 4 April 2016 on the Issues Related to the Application of Professional Standards by Employers


Clarified procedure and timeframe for paying environmental fees in 2016

Environmental fees (i.e. fees payable for the negative impact on the ambient air, water resources, waste disposal, etc.) are to be paid in 2016 in accordance with the guidance issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation.

More information on how to pay environmental fees in 2016...

Clarification letters: No. 06-09-44/5872 of 25 March 2016 and No. АС-06-01-30/6155 of 11 April 2016


Revised restrictions on the use of evacuation exit doors

As of 16 April 2016 organisations operating buildings and structures must not install at evacuation routes any sliding doors without the possibility to manually open them from the inside and to fix them open. These amendments have been introduced to Decree No. 390 of 25 April 2012 on Fire Safety Regime by Decree No. 275 of 6 April 2016.


Adopted Administrative Regulation for the Supervision of the Operation, Renovation and Liquidation of Hydrotechnical Installations

Rostechnadzor (the state body responsible for industrial safety) is empowered to perform inspections of hydrotechnical installations. The authority will check, among other things, whether the organization operating a hydrotechnical installation has a valid operating permit for this installation, whether the installation has been duly registered in the Russian Registry of Hydrotechnical Installations, etc.

Law: Order No. 67 of 24 February 2016 on the Adoption of the Administrative Regulation for the Supervision over Hydrotechnical Installations



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