Russia. Issue 21 May 2016

Amended law regulating Special Evaluation of Working Conditions (SOUT)

As of 1 May 2016 employers are not required to perform a non-scheduled SOUT in case of re-organisation or a change in the name of a workplace (position) if this has not lead to any changes in the occupational safety situation. However, in these circumstances the employer must create a commission and issue a special decision not to conduct a non-scheduled SOUT. 

Normally, employers must perform a non-scheduled SOUT if they create any new workplaces, change technological processes, equipment or raw materials used in the production process, etc. As of 1 May 2016 employers must perform a non-scheduled SOUT within 12 months from the date of the changes if they create new workplaces or change technological process, or equipment which may impact the level of exposure to harmful or hazardous agents or conditions on employees. In other cases prescribed by the law for conducting a non-scheduled SOUT, such as change of raw materials or receiving a direction from the authorities, employers must perform the SOUT within 6 months from the date of receipt or a change. Previously, no timeframe was set for the performance of a non-scheduled SOUT in the prescribed circumstances.

SOUT is a comprehensive workplace risk assessment which all employers in Russia must conduct on a regular basis.

Law: Federal Law No. 136-FZ of 1 May 2016 on Amending Article 11 of the Federal Law on Individual Registration in the Compulsory Pension Insurance System and of the Federal Law on the Special Evaluation of Working Conditions.

Environmental polluters are reminded to have themselves registered before 31 December 2016

Clarification letter issued by the environmental authorities (Rosprirodnadzor) reminds that the facilities that have a negative impact on the environment must have themselves registered as environmental polluters before 31 December 2016. Failure to do so will result in an administrative penalty.

Clarification Letter N АС-03-04-36/7884 of 28 April 2016.

Waste management licenses are to be renewed before 1 July 2016

Organisations performing licensable waste management activities, such as collection, transportation, processing and utilization of class I-IV wastes are required to obtain new waste management licenses before 1 July 2016. This requirement does not apply to organisations performing neutralization and disposal (placement) of class I-IV wastes.

Official notification of the Rosprirodnadzor

Documents that state inspectors are not allowed to request from organisations

As of 1 July 2017 all organisations are not required to submit to state inspectors during state inspections (all types of inspections, including environmental, occupational safety, fire safety and other inspections) any of the documents listed by the adopted Governmental Direction. This list includes building permits,  information on their registration with the tax authorities, etc. The inspectors must obtain this information not from the inspected organisations but only from the electronic sources and directly from the relevant authorities maintaining such sources.

Law: Governmental Direction No. 724-r of 19 April 2016