Russia. Issue 28 February 2017

Adopted occupational exposure requirements

As of 1 January 2017 all organisations measuring occupational exposure (excluding ionizing radiation exposure) are required to use the adopted Sanitary Norms and Rules (SanPiN). The adopted SanPiN has consolidated into one document requirements (limits) applicable to occupational microclimate, noise, vibration, infrasound, ultrasound, light, electromagnetic field, and laser exposure. These requirements were previously regulated by more than 15 regulatory instruments. It is important to note that these regulatory instruments have remained valid but the only the parts of these instruments that do not contradict the adopted SanPiN are to be applied starting from 1 January 2017.

Law: Sanitary Norms and Rules SanPiN “Hygienic Requirements for Occupational Exposure”             

Adopted the environmental fee declaration form

All organizations obliged to pay environmental fees (e.g. for air emissions, waste disposal or wastewater discharges) are required to submit an environmental fee declaration. The declaration must be submitted every year, before 10 March of the following year.

The declaration is to be submitted electronically and bear an electronic signature.

Organisations may submit the declaration in a paper format, if:

  • they do not have an electronic signature (for 2016) provided that the amount of environmental fees does not exceed RUR 25,000; or
  • they do not have technical possibility to connect to the internet.