Russia. Issue 7 February 2017

What will be checked during a state labour safety inspection?

Order No. 538 of 30 December 2016 contains lists of regulations compliance with which is to be checked during state labour inspections. The list includes regulations governing occupational safety, working time, social security provision, etc. The adopted Order does not impose any new requirements on organisations but can be used as a source of information on what the state inspectors are likely to be checking during inspections.

Law: Order No. 538 of 30 December 2016 on the Approval of Lists of Regulations Containing Requirements, Compliance with Which is to Be Evaluated During Supervising or Controlling Measures Implemented by the Federal Service on Labour and Occupation

Adopted model training programs for drivers transporting dangerous goods

The adopted model programs include basic training on dangerous goods transportation in accordance with the ADR as well as courses on special issues, such as transportation of dangerous goods in cysterns, transportation of class 1 dangerous goods and transportation of class 7 radioactive materials.

Law: Order No. 273 of 21 September 2016 on the Approval of Model Programs for the Professional Training of Drivers Performing Dangerous Goods Transportation in Accordance with the ADR