Russia: Milk and dairy products are to be subject to identification marking

Manufacturers and importers of milk and dairy products are to be required to label such products with identification marks.

Milk and dairy products have been included into the list of products that are subject to compulsory marking with identification marks.  Other products that are also in this list include tobacco, perfumery, footwear, etc.

The experiment on marking milk and dairy started on 15 July 2019 and is regulated by Decree No. 836 of 29 June 2019. The experiment is to continue until 29 February 2020. Participants of milk and dairy market (e.g. manufacturers and importers) may voluntary participate in the experiment.

It is intended that subsequently certain milk and dairy products are to be compulsory marked with a digital Data Matrix code allowing full traceability of these products along the supply chain and to the point of sale to the end user.

The marking requirement is to apply to some type of milk and dairy products such as fresh milk (TN VED code 0401), cheese and cottage cheese (TN VED code 0406), etc.