Russia: Proposed additional requirements to protect disabled, young and elderly consumers

A proposal has been submitted that would amend the Law of the Russian Federation on Consumer Rights Protection No. 2300-I of 7 February 1992. The proposal would impose additional requirements pertaining to product marking that aim to protect the rights of disabled persons, children and elderly consumers.

The amendments would include the following obligations:

The obligation of the seller (service provided) that has been informed on a particular consumer’s special demands and restrictions, to pass to this consumer a product (or to render a service) that is suitable for them to use, taking into consideration their demands and restrictions;

The obligation of the manufacturer (service provider) to indicate in the accompanying documentation for a product (work or service), on the label, by placing special marking or by another means, of all possible safety risks associated with the use (storage) of the product (service) for disabled persons, children or elderly people;

The obligation of the seller (service provider) to inform disabled, young or elderly consumers the information on any safety risks associated with the use (storage) of a particular product (or service).

In addition, the proposal would amend the Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation in order to impose stricter liability for breaching the rights of disabled, elderly or young consumers.